How To Delete a Gmail account on Android without a Factory Reset

Quite a lot of reasons to remove or replace a Google account (Gmail) on the phone or Android tablet. For example, due you have forgotten your Google account password is used, you buy a used Android phone and mobile phone accounts in the account owner is a long time, or you really just want to replace it. 

Whatever the reason, here are a few ways to delete Gmail account on Android: 

Method # 1: Factory Reset your Android phone
In this article I will continue to inform how to delete your Google account with the way the factory reset as information for the uninitiated.
What is a factory reset Android? Factory reset or factory reset the data is a method to return the Android phone to default or like-new condition out of the factory. This process will erase all data and applications that are installed in the mobile / Android tablet, including Gmail account (Google) integrated with the device. If you want to do a factory reset, you should first backup the data or important files. 

Here's how to factory reset Android:
  1. Press the HOME button: you will be taken to the main screen
  2. Press the MENU button> click Settings (settings)
  3. Click Privacy (privacy)
  4. Click the Factory Data reset (factory data reset)
  5. Wait a while until the process is complete
For the record, factory reset usually can solve all the problems associated with the Android software. For example, if there is one feature that does not work, for example wifi or bluetooth error or if your Android phone or tablet performance is decreased when compared to first-time purchase.

Method # 2: Remove Accounts Android Gmail account settings through the menu & synchronization
If you want to change the additional account (not the main account), then you can do to # 2. Actually, this method can also be used to replace the main account Gmail / Google, but unfortunately it only works on some types of mobile phones or any Android tablet, especially those already using the operating system operating system Gingerbread and above. Here's how:
  1. Go to the Settings menu (settings)
  2. Click the Accounts & Sync (Synchronization & Account
  3. Click on the Google account would be deleted
  4. Click the Remove Account (Clear Accounts)
Method # 3: Remove your Google through the application settings menu
Delete a Gmail account on Android can be applied to cell phones that are still using the system Android Froyo or earlier. Here's how:
  1. Go To Settings (Settings)
  2. Click Applications (apps)
  3. Click the Manage Applications (application management)
  4. Slide the phone screen up, down, find and click the application "Google Apps".
  5. After Google Apps at the click> click "Clear data" (Clear Data)> click OK
  6. Restart handphone, then open the Gmail or Android Market> you will be prompted to enter a new Google account
If you can not find the "Google Apps", try to notice when you go to the Manage Application (application management), look at the top of the screen, are there posts Downloaded (downloaded), All (all), On the SD card (SD card ), and Running (Running). If there is text, then to find Google Apps, you have to click "All" (all). 

When Google Apps still can not be found, then how # 3 is not applicable to your phone. 

Note: If after you click the "Clear Data" for the application Google Apps and Gmail application was not functioning normally, then you can solve this problem by way of "Clear Data" Gmail Application. Same way, namely through the menu Settings> Applications> Manage Applications> Gmail application search> click "Clear Data"

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